3G Series Expanded


The 3G Series has been expanded to include 50mm, 75mm along with the original 3G 100mm.


New Product Introduction

3G 100mm Actuator - Smaller form factor and still plug and play | 10/15/2018

New ASTRRA 3G 100mm linear actuator

This 3G actuator is a plug and play replacement of the

our current 2G actuator while being 1/2 the size with 50lbs of force.

New Product Introduction

The Indutries 1st Automated Laner Adjustment System | 10/15/2018

This automated laning system will adjust all lane divers at the same time the entire length of the laner..

 5 divider 4 lane system that can adjust from 2 lanes to 4 lanes covering a 16 inch conveyour keeping product center lined.


PackExpo International

October 14-17, 2018 McCormick Place, Chicago | 09/18/2018

See ASTRRA in  Booth S-4009


The oneTouch ASTRRA Advantage | 04/27/2017

Interpack May 4 - 10, 2017

oneTouch ASTRRA Advantage | 04/27/2017

WestPack Feb 7 - 9, 2017 Booth # 5014

The oneTouch ASTRRA Advantage | 01/27/2017

See ASTRRA at Booth 5014


PackExpo 2016 Booth S-4021

The oneTouch ASTRRA Advantage | 02/12/2016

Pack Expo Pharma Expo - November 6-9, 2016 - Chicago, Illinois, USA - Logo

Packaging World 4-Aug-2014

Diageo invests $120M in three new bottling lines | 04/ 1/2015

Says Pietro Di Pilato, Senior Vice President of Manufacturing & Distillation, Diageo NA, “Diageo is recognized as a leader in product Innovation, and North America is Diageo’s leading region for new products. The design of our overall network—with specific lines dedicated to innovation and small-volume runs—has enabled us to get these new products to market more quickly, driving greater value for the business. In addition, the new equipment allows us greater flexibility in the product and packaging—including full bottle ‘sleeving’ and pouches—which has helped us innovate in new categories, or around new consumer occasions.”

High-speed, high-volume is key
The most recent expansion brings the number of packaging lines at the Plainfield facility to 10, with the addition of Line 8 for glass and PET, Line 9 for glass, and Line 10 for PET. According to Di Pilato, machinery for the lines was chosen based on an evaluation of best-in-class equipment and by referencing benchmarking information from other Diageo sites around the world and from the wider industry. Maximum speed and changeover were facilitated by upgrading specific blending and batching processes to manage the liquid more effectively and through automation of the packaging line guide rails using Astrra equipment from A.S. Thomas, Inc.

“Automating the packaging line guide rails provided by Astrra decreased changeover times via single-touch adjustment, which automatically moves the guide rails to predetermined locations, thereby eliminating the need for manual movement and adjustment of the rails to match the bottle size,” Di Pilato says. “This technology has helped to decrease changeover times by two to four hours, depending on the line.”

see full article:

WestPack 2015 Feb. 10 - 12, 2015

Booth 5012 Anaheim Convention Center | 11/20/2014

See ASTRRA working exhibits at Booth 5012.  A. S. Thomas, Inc. will be showing several applications of the rapid change-over technology.

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