WestPack 2014, Feb. 11 - 13

WestPack 2014, Feb. 11 - 13

Booth 5025 | 02/ 4/2014

WestPack 2014 LogoSee ASTRRA at Booth 5025

A. S. Thomas, Inc. will be showing the ASTRRA automated change-over system.

Several applications as well as components will be displayed.  A new application for cap handling will be demonstrated:

ASTRRA Cap ChuteThe ASTRRA Cap Chute utilizes ASTRRA micro linear actuators with an integral wireless control module to provide automatic change of radius and top guide height providing for handling a wide range of product.

The ASTRRA Cap Chute displayed handles caps with heights from 22mm to 70mm and cap diameters from 22mm to 70mm in any combination.

Come to booth 5025 to see ASTRRA in action and discuss how ASTRRA can be applied to your change-over challenges.

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